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Before A Shadowed Sunrise

It was before a shadowed sunrise
I give it all away
Lost in a maze of cellophane
I surrendered everything
I looked but could not find
The image I held in my mind
Of two roses intertwined,
You and I

You can take it all away, you can take it all
But until my dying day I will recall

Days and nights when I
Lied alone there at your side
Before I ever saw you cry
When if I wasn’t really with you
I was with you in my mind
Ran my fingers through your hair
As you held me like a prayer
And something lingered in the air
When you were gone
I could never tell if you were really there

I think I see a smile
But screams are all I hear
As I look into my eyes
A frantic staring through this mirror
When the darkness fills my sight
And the hopeless cause no more I fight
I see two moons shining in the night
You and I

© Colin Cotter (2012)